About Timothy

Timothy C. Madden
is a new American author/illustrator of his exciting children’s books.

He is the creator of the bee-loved and curious little honeybee named BUMZLEE BEE.

Timothy C. Madden was raised in a large family in farmland Wisconsin and later in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is the father of two great children who inspired the birth of BUMZLEE BEE. He is an avid outdoorsman, gardener, artist, singer and musician. He enjoys history, travel, good humor and fine stories. He is recently retired from 42 years of medical service as a surgical RN, Physician Assistant and Military Medical Officer. He is an advocate for struggling bees of the world.

Timothy’s military and domestic travels have increased his awareness of the challenges faced by both human and honey bee communities. Historically, mankind has caused challenges for the honey bees and other pollinators world-wide. You are invited to join him in aiding the bees to thrive once again. We can work together to improve the lives of these amazing pollinators and sweeten the world once again.

BUMZLEE BEE and THE LAND of OUT THERE is Timothy’s debut children’s book. Release date is June 2019, which is in time for World and National Honey Bee Day (August 16 and 18).